Improve Process - Do your processes enable achievement of your potential?

Improve Process

What does this mean for you?

  • Ensure your operational effectiveness is customer driven and consideration is given to essential contingency planning.
  • Review your operational processes, set customer focused standards to achieve excellence and help you drive business change.
  • Assess your operational efficiency and instigate Straight Through Processing to minimise delays, wastage and improve efficiency.

Where do we fit in?

Define and map operational processes

In alignment with Target Operating Model (TOM) to ensure achievement of core business strategy.

Review operational processes

Evaluate current and desired impact on customer strategic goals, define appropriate improvement plans and support your business changes.

Re-engineer operational processes

Define improved processes in order to maximise efficiency and reduce re-work and/or wastage, using Six Sigma methodologies.

Evaluate effectiveness of operational processes

Define goals, measures and control mechanisms to achieve excellence in terms of return on effort and/or return on investment.

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In the short time that the consultant was with us they managed to convince folks to push service failures to the forefront. What struck me the most is that they came with an open mind and a determination to find solutions to streamline and improve the processing between the two teams not to find fault.

FVP, India